Ravana – රාවණ නොකී පුරාවත – බැලේ ඔපෙරාව.
Janauary 05, 2018 6:30pm at Nelum Pokuna
Colombo – Sri Lanka

Original Stage Plays in Sinhala

  1. Hadawathaka Satahan
  2. Yaathrawaka Minissu
  3. Hayadenek
  4. Aadipadavaru
  5. Paradeesaya
  6. Sobana Sandawak
  7. Gonuss
  8. Kandu Sikarai Gamburu Helai
  9. Rosa Pata Punchi Geka
  10. DOOPATHA (the Island) First Staged Saturday, October 13th 2007 Duarte Performing Arts Center , California
  11. NATIVITY PLAY -IN SINHALA “NISALAYA RAATHREE” Written and Directed with Original songs by Bhadraji Mahinda Jayatilaka Staged in December 2012

– Written over 30 half-hour Sinhala radio plays for Sri lanka Broadcasting Corporation. Some were Children\’s plays.

Programs written and directed for Sri Lanka Television

  1. Atharamaga Navathena in 1980 – First Television play to be taped in a studio setting with on line editing in Sri Lanka.
  2. Pura Sanda Lova Paayu Vagai in 1980 – Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC) Documentary on Buddha’s life using Temple satutes.
  3. Songeetha in 1980 SLRC – A children’s musical program in three languages: Sinhala, Tamil, and English.
  4. Dana Kuverayo in 1982 – The First one-hour Teledrama produced in USA in Sinhala and shown in Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC).
  5. Goda Geravili in 1982 – Independent Television Network (ITN).
  6. Rajasinhage Pettagama in 1982 – Independent Television Network (ITN).
  7. Kapuru Kande Kalu in 1985 – Independent Television Network (ITN).
  8. Night of the Wood Owl – a book written by Bhadraji was made into a Television Miniseries where Bhadraji acted in as wellin 1989.

– Appeared in several talk shows and musical programs and television dramas in Sri Lanka\r\n- Appeared in Arts of Asia (NBC, USA) in 1984 to demonstrate Sri Lankan Batik Art Technique.

Original Stage Plays in Sinhala written, directed, and staged in California, USA

  1. Apeyma Minissu
  2. Penaya
  3. Gedera Vage Thenak


Also acted in many Sinhala and English plays staged in Los Angeles, California and taken part in various musical events.

Original Stage Plays in English written, directed, and staged in California, USA

  1. Time Walker
  2. San Limbo
  3. Across the Bridge
  4. Seance Night
  5. Somewhere Up There
  6. Aladdin and His Magic Lamp (Children\’s play)
  7. The Whites and the Wongs (About Safety Preparedness)
  8. Guru in the Attic
  9. Murder at the International Lounge
  10. An Evening with Friends

– directed several English plays written by other playwrights with local actors in san Jacinto Valley taking part in them. Many were Theater Workshop Productions for Senior Citizens in the community.