Best yet to come, BHADRAJI? by Sachitra Mahendra

A Q &A article about Bhadraji was published in the Ceylon Daily News.

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With a 40-year writing career under his belt, Bhadraji Mahinda Jayatilaka believes time is now ripe to act for his next generation. It was quite difficult to get our works published back then, adds Jayatilaka, but writers had a good audience all the same. And now, with many more young novelists entering the book industry, it is not certain if they receive the right kind of recognition.

How far would they have to strive for this recognition, which they deserve very much so?

With a literary month called September around the corner, Jayatilaka will add one more award to recognize young talent. The award, he explains, will encourage the up and coming novelists every year.

Q: Young novelists are gradually dominating the book market with their books published by established publishing firms. Things had been different years, or decades, ago, when finding a publisher was a tough job. For instance your first novel came out as an author publication, back in 1970s. How do you analyze the evolution?

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